Tips: For New Owners

Here are some quick tips that may be useful in your new alpaca journey:

  • Get to know your alpaca to recognise when something is not quite right.

  • Do not leave animals tied to trees or posts.

  • Do not keep young males with females as they may cause ovulation or pregnancy.

  • Do not leave alpacas haltered. They can cause injury or death if they get caught.

  • Watch for poisonous plants. Alpacas will try most plants.

  • Be aware of tick and snake bite symptoms.

  • If changing feed introduce slowly as not to upset the digestive balance.

  • Get to know the 'feel' of your alpacas to monitor their body condition score.

  • Do not keep a lone animal. Alpacas are 'herd' animals and require at least one companion to be happy.

  • On days of extreme heat animals may need cooling to avoid heat stress. They love sprinklers!

  • Construct some kind of small catch pen. Handling in small areas is much easier.

  • Always have a 'cria kit' on hand if expecting newborns (ask for contents) in case of emergency.


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