Wildlife Animal Shelter

Above is a picture of an echidna which is one of the animals that may need caring for. This one was born on our property in the wild.

Wildlife Emergency Numbers:

* Remember, if you find injured, sick or orphaned wildlife call Wildlife Victoria on :
* 13 000 WILDLIFE

* 13 000 94535 - 24 Hour Wildlife Emergency

* Carlisle River Wildlife Shelter - Otway Ranges, Victoria : (03)52350202

Wildlife Handling Tips:

Remember your own safety always comes first
If you see an animal beside the road pull over only when it is safe to do so and put your hazard lights on
Approach the animal carefully and cover it with a towel or blanket to calm it and contain it
If it is small enough place it in a pillowcase or place it on a towel in the bottom of a well ventilated box and cover it securely
Stress is the major killer of injured animals so keep handling and disturbance to minimum
Place box in a warm, dark and quiet area (no radio)
Keep domestic animals and children well away
Do not attempt to feed or force it to drink
For the sake of the animal take it as quickly as you can to a licensed wildlife carer
If it is a large animal, or you are unsure, immediately call Wildlife Victoria for a trained wildlife rescuer
Always try to remain with an injured animal until a rescuer arrives, staying at a safe distance so as not to distress it
you cannot remain with the animal note distinct land marks and mark the location with crossed sticks, plastic bags tied to a tree (or in some other readily identifiable fashion) so the rescuer can see it easily
If the animal is dead, check it for a pouch to see if it has young joeys still alive. Never pull a joey from a teat but rather cut the teat
Keep a rescue kit in your car containing a towel, pillow case, blanket and scissors

Carlisle River Wildlife Shelter:

Below are some of the wildlife that have been nursed back to health while under the care of Carola & Ron at the Carlisle River Animal Shelter.

Click image for closeup view Click On Injured Kangaroo To View More Photos & Details!

Natural Wildlife Photos:

Thanks for visiting this page! Below are some wildlife photos I have taken on our property. Click on the images below to see more snapshots.

Click image for closeup view Click On King Parrot Below For Photos